Niv Gafni

The Dreamers

In 'The Dreamers' Solo Exhibition, the central theater hall of HAZIRA, transforms into a post-human realm, a perpetual tension between two worlds: the celestial and the earthly. Above, artificial sky, and below, the stage as the ground.

In the artificial sky, mysterious bodies float, creating a sonic layer, punctuated by whispers and noises. The sounds oscillate between harmony and dissonance, breaking into multidimensional fragments. Simultaneously, on the ground plane, humanoid figures rise, detached from their former anchors, now moving freely. They learn autonomous motion, forming a dynamic, ever-changing ecology where the line between inert and living blurs.

The Dreamers Exhibition explores humanity's impact on the environment and speaks in the artistic language developed by Niv Gafni, who explores the unseen and investigates the subtle qualities of phenomena.
Beyond the physical presence of the object - its materiality, size, volume, and weight - additional properties and mysteries are delicately revealed: its movement, its sonic world, and persistent behaviors like diffusion and accumulation. Entering this space reveals a landscape that is a poem to the beauty of the world; a metaphysical space full of wonder, awe, and curiosity, engulfing the observer into a mass of multidimensional sounds and vibrations.


Pictures by Shira Marek