Niv Gafni

Sound is a massive matrix of moments
Bridging between the past and the future, the earthly and what is beyond
Giving us real evidence for movement
accompanying every action we go through
Being the platform for the whole to revive time and time again

Niv Gafni, born in 1991, is a sound artist, sculptor and composer, living and creating in Jerusalem, Israel.
Gafni combines various mediums in his works, such as sound, electronics, programming, mechanics, wood, metal, and ready-made.
Most of his activity focuses on sound and movement, the relationship between them, the spiritual field between humans and all that is non-human, and the idea of Anima-Mundi (the world soul).

Gafni creates pseudo-authentic sonorous installations and environments that encourage listening and contemplation as an opening gate for an encounter with the deep, subconscious elements inherent in human beings.
Gafni emphasizes chaotic behaviors. He tends to leave loose ends in his works in order to let the material behave, move and sound in a way that embodies its properties.

He has exhibited his works in exhibitions and festivals such as the New Teddy Gallery in Jerusalem Israel (2020), the Fridge Gallery in Tel-Aviv Israel (2019), the Audio-Visual festival in Corfu Greece (2019), the Autumn Cult Festival (2019) and more.
In 2018, he completed his studies with honors in the Department of New Music at the Musrara School of Art in Jerusalem.